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A promising sector, the transport sector is constantly growing, particularly with the development of e-commerce and the increase in peripheral cities leading to greater travel. Infrastructure, vehicles, passengers and goods: the security needs of this sector are as diverse as they are significant. To secure and monitor roads, vehicle fleets, their occupants and cargoes, we offer several solutions such as video surveillance and access control. And since companies in the transport sector often work in networks, we have created a multi-site management solution. We are able to provide you with an integrated solution from which you can manage your entire premises.

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Network video surveillance for multi-site structures

To monitor multiple agencies and infrastructures over long distances, video surveillance is essential. The processing of the information collected by this type of monitoring can be time-consuming. To ensure efficient data management, we can program alarms to alert you in case of danger. Thanks to this tool, your security teams will know exactly where and when to intervene, saving time and human resources.

see all our solutions
see all our solutions

Access control for enhanced security

Ensuring the safety of equipment and personnel is a priority for structures in the transport sector. To control inputs and outputs, access control is the best solution. You can choose cylinders, readers or even crutches, to be unlocked with a code, a badge or even a smartphone. We have a wide range of electronic products for increased security and ease of use.

see all our solutions
see all our solutions

Simple solution for multi-site management

Our integrated security solutions are accessible to multiple users. Multi-user management allows the interface to be adapted according to authorized features, hardware and objects. Each user has his own customized interface according to his needs and rights of use. This multi-user capability opens the doors to multi-site management. The sharing of common hardware and the confidentiality of personal information are ensured through our software solution. Thus, you can share information for a national network common to all members of the structure and keep confidential data at each local institution.

see all our solutions
see all our solutions

omnitech security

Omnitech Security provides a complete and personalized security service to all types of structures from the simplest to the most complex (airports, communities, leisure, etc.). Publisher of the SEAL 5.0 security system integration software package, Omnitech Security is able to manage all types of devices used to control access and flow (vehicles, goods) and secure premises, goods and people, from video protection to multi-site management and perimeter surveillance.
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