The Seal System range is the unique hypervision
tool for the administration, operation and maintenance
of all software, devices and sensors contributing to the
security of sites and the safety of people.

Discover our seal solutions
Discover our seal solutions


Created in 2005, our SEAL SYSTEM 5.0 software allows the integration of all types of safety devices. Thanks to its customization, it guarantees you a hypervisor that meets 100% of your needs.


We can configure a safety system including as many software solutions as necessary in an integrated system for simplification and ease of use.


The efficiency of our software package reduces maintenance costs and ensures complete peace of mind. On this page you will find all the solutions available with our SEAL SYSTEM 5.0 software.

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Hypervision provides an overview of the information system in which safety software solutions are integrated. With the hypervisor, we can centralize all our security solutions to provide you with an efficient and easy-to-use integrated system.

Flexible, the SEAL event manager is built on a scalable modular architecture allowing the integration of different security devices. This tool pilots and controls all the applications of the software package that we will detail in this page.

Video protection

Essential to any security system, video surveillance is the best way to remotely monitor a place thanks to cameras that film in real time and record images when a predefined alarm is triggered. The SEAL system 5.0 integrates a wide range of video providers. The video interface is equipped with a virtual image wall and a search and retrieval module based on the received video alarms.

Access control

Access control is essential to manage the flow of people, whether for staff or for the reception of the public, and is essential for the proper functioning of all structures. We offer full IP access control solutions that are easy to use and update. The access control centres we integrate are managed via the Ethernet network. Once the control units have been configured, the system processes access requests completely autonomously.

Perimeter and intrusion

Depending on the nature of your activity and the structure of your premises, perimeter protection may be considered. The SEAL 5.0 system integrates tailor-made means and scenarios to precisely meet your protection needs. Whether with specific devices (infrared barrier, long-range radar or laser) or with video surveillance (motion detection, infrared camera, etc.), we are able to provide protection adapted to your structure.


The BMS (Building Management System) is used to remotely monitor the activity of a site and all the security devices installed (access control, alarms, elevator management, etc.). As for the CTM (Centralized Technical Management), these devices can be controlled remotely. The BMS/CTM therefore refers to all systems capable of remotely controlling and managing the security equipment of a tertiary building, for professional or residential use. The SEAL system 5.0 offers a scenario manager that autonomously handles events according to a fully customized defined procedure (alarm, sending email or SMS alerts, etc.).

Intercom & sound system

The intercom is the visitor's first contact (personal, public or professional) with your establishment. Intercom allows direct communication with the outside and/or between different points in the same building. Whether your structure is simple or complex, with a need for significant security or not, we offer reliable solutions adapted to your needs (emergency call point, intercom with visual contact, etc.). With SEAL system 5.0, we are able to manage intercom networks.

Information system

An information system is a solution that manages the flow of information from different security devices. This allows you to monitor the status of your security equipment remotely and in real time. This solution is very useful to optimize predictive maintenance operations. We also offer you a SEAL SYSTEM maintenance offer for daily monitoring of your equipment and a quick response if necessary.

Airport solution

An airport is a real challenge to be secured as it is by definition a place of passage. With multiple access (transport, parking, elevators, etc.), different types of profiles (personal and public) or various procedures (passenger and baggage check-in, etc.), security solutions are available at airports. To organize all these solutions, we have designed an offer dedicated to airports that meets all the needs of this type of structure by adapting to the specificities of each location. Our airport solution meets ICAO regulatory requirements.


A geolocation solution is a relevant solution for vehicles, goods or valuable equipment. Useful to guarantee the safety of the company's personnel and equipment, this solution also makes it possible to optimise logistics thanks to the monitoring of data (time, place, etc.), all in compliance with the regulations set by the CNIL. Always 100% adaptable thanks to the SEAL system 5.0, we can offer you a tailor-made configuration.

Human Resources

This solution takes the form of an integrated system that allows you to automate human resources management tasks. The storage and tracking of information is greatly facilitated as it is accessible on a single platform on which we can configure alerts. For a company, this tool can be used to manage payroll, leave or training. It can also be used to manage the personal data of students for a school.


IoT (Internet Of Things) refers to the ecosystem of connected objects. We provide you with innovative solutions integrating IoT technology such as door opening sensors or infrared motion detectors. The mission of our design office will be to analyse your security project in order to propose the most appropriate devices. We are also able to adapt and/or design new devices to meet specific requirements.