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Including amusement parks, cultural sites and hotels, this sector is as large as it is diversified. Very popular with families, especially children and adolescents, these structures are often complex to secure. These establishments need an effective and personalized security information system to perfectly meet the configuration of the structure and the activities carried out. Securing the public and controlling the flow of people are the priorities. We can provide you with solutions adapted to all your needs, from video surveillance to access control and access management for staff, the public and vehicles.

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Video surveillance to secure the place

Recreational and cultural places generally have a large surface area, some may even be similar to small towns. With such large and complex structures, it is imperative to install an effective video surveillance system to keep an overview of places frequented by the public as well as sensitive places. We can assist you in the installation and configuration of custom video surveillance. Depending on your needs, we can define alarms that will allow you to intervene immediately in case of a problem.

see all our solutions
see all our solutions

Access for each and everyone his access

These private places are very busy and require a high level of security. It is therefore important to implement an access control solution for both permanent and temporary staff and the public. Personnel areas and sensitive areas such as cash registers must be secured. Places dedicated to the public, especially hotels, require an appropriate locking solution.

see all our solutions
see all our solutions

A delimited perimeter is a protected perimeter

With a significant surface area including car parks, gardens and other green spaces, it is often complex to secure the perimeter of this type of structure. We offer solutions to protect the perimeter with specific devices such as infrared barriers and long-range lasers. Logistical management of access roads with vehicle recognition at the entrance to an area can also be part of the solutions considered. Finally, for increased security, we can set up security posts at strategic points in your establishment.

see all our solutions
see all our solutions

omnitech security

Omnitech Security provides a complete and personalized security service to all types of structures from the simplest to the most complex (airports, communities, leisure, etc.). Publisher of the SEAL 5.0 security system integration software package, Omnitech Security is able to manage all types of devices used to control access and flow (vehicles, goods) and secure premises, goods and people, from video protection to multi-site management and perimeter surveillance.
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