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By definition, the bank must inspire the confidence of its customers. It is essential for a banking institution to offer irreproachable security and reliability, whether for its customers, its staff or the sensitive content (documents, liquidity, etc.) it stores. The space to be secured is multiple from the entrance airlock to the counter, from individual offices to highly secured rooms, it is necessary to find an appropriate response for each need. To meet all the security constraints of the banking sector, we offer a range of solutions from video surveillance to access control and intrusion detection.

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Enhance security with video surveillance

Video surveillance is essential in environments as secure as banking institutions. Security is the priority of this type of establishment and we offer a reliable system with a video interface equipped with a virtual wall of images as well as a search and extraction module based on the video alarms received. We can set up video alarms adapted to your security needs.

see all our solutions
see all our solutions

A personalized access management system

Banking institutions have highly secure premises with restricted access. Our access control centres are managed via the Ethernet network for increased security. Thanks to programming, we can configure a tailor-made solution to generate automatic feedback according to your needs. Once the system is installed and programmed, it will be able to process requests in complete autonomy.

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see all our solutions

Secure the perimeter to prevent intrusions

Depending on the configuration of your structure, you will need different perimeter protection solutions. We offer you a personalised response to be defined together. SEAL SYSTEM 5.0 integrates defined scenarios to protect you whether you have a car park, several rooms or a small agency with a reception room. With this solution, your security team will be alerted in case of intrusion and risk situations in order to allow a quick intervention.

see all our solutions
see all our solutions

omnitech security

Omnitech Security provides a complete and personalized security service to all types of structures from the simplest to the most complex (airports, communities, leisure, etc.). Publisher of the SEAL 5.0 security system integration software package, Omnitech Security is able to manage all types of devices used to control access and flow (vehicles, goods) and secure premises, goods and people, from video protection to multi-site management and perimeter surveillance.
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