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From ministerial buildings to town halls, structures vary and needs differ from one community to another. The majority of administrations and local authorities are places open to the public, exposed to intrusions by malicious persons and to damage or even theft of sensitive equipment and documents. Safety is a priority for these establishments, particularly for staff and the public. Depending on their specificities, official administrative establishments will be subject to high security standards. Local authorities will also be in demand for services such as videoverbalisation. We offer you a tailor-made support to define together your needs and the best solutions for your structure.

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Secure the perimeter with video surveillance

Securing structures and spaces is the priority of local authorities, particularly for town halls, which must guarantee the safety of residents and public infrastructure. The management of a large number of cameras as well as the automated search for events are possible thanks to our video surveillance solution. We also have a mode of visualization and acknowledgement of emergency events with automated play back systems.

see all our solutions
see all our solutions

Manage flows with access control

Thanks to our full IP access control solution, you will be able to remotely manage the access control systems of the city's buildings as well as the various users (staff, external stakeholders, permanent or temporary). It is essential to secure your community's premises with an appropriate locking solution. With our electronic solutions, modernize your security system while making it easier for users to use. With code, badge or even smartphone, our access control systems allow you to easily give and remove accesses to prevent any risky situation.

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see all our solutions

Preventing intrusions

For public buildings, increased security is required. We have a wide range of perimeter solutions that allow you to control and alert in case of intrusion. With our long-range radars or infrared barriers, you can secure the defined area according to your needs at any time of the day or in any weather conditions. SEAL SYSTEM 5.0 includes scenarios to warn you if the situation is dangerous.

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see all our solutions

Videoverbalisation : Parking management

Video-overbooking makes it possible to verbalize an offence without having to physically stop a motorist. For cities, this tool is effective and easy to implement. It provides an answer to unpaid parking but also to the annoying parking that is often found in the city centre, for example. With better parking management and efficient payment control, you can reduce parking problems and save money.

see all our solutions
see all our solutions

Omnitech security

Omnitech Security provides a complete and personalized security service to all types of structures from the simplest to the most complex (airports, communities, leisure, etc.). Publisher of the SEAL 5.0 security system integration software package, Omnitech Security is able to manage all types of devices used to control access and flow (vehicles, goods) and secure premises, goods and people, from video protection to multi-site management and perimeter surveillance.
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