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Welcoming children from the age of 2 for the youngest, the education sector represents a logistical challenge both in terms of the flow of people and in terms of the safety of children, students and teachers. With complex planning and organisation, it is essential for schools, secondary and higher education institutions to have a reliable and user-friendly safety information system, but also a good video surveillance system to ensure the safety of all. We offer you fully customized solutions according to your needs: video surveillance, access control or information management, we ensure that we provide you with an efficient service.

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Monitor students and building at a glance

Schools are open and crowded during peak hours, and may also have isolated areas during school hours. Video surveillance provides protection against aggression and damage to buildings and equipment in high-risk areas, isolated areas and classrooms. Our video surveillance system allows us to configure noise controls considered suspicious (screams, glass shards, etc.) in order to give an alert in case of danger.

see all our solutions
see all our solutions

Control access and protect dedicated areas

Access control is an effective solution to protect teacher-only areas and prevent malicious intrusions into the institution. A code or badge locking solution allows you to secure offices and rooms dedicated to staff and teachers. For large structures and/or for increased security, the reception area can be equipped with a gate to effectively control entry and exit.

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see all our solutions

Protecting students' personal data

The personal data of students, timetables, notes and administrative information are not lacking in schools. To effectively manage and secure all this information, we offer you an integrated solution so that you can view and update your files on a customized platform. We can configure the system according to your needs with alerts such as email or postal mail in case of a student's absence.

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see all our solutions

omnitech security

Omnitech Security provides a complete and personalized security service to all types of structures from the simplest to the most complex (airports, communities, leisure, etc.). Publisher of the SEAL 5.0 security system integration software package, Omnitech Security is able to manage all types of devices used to control access and flow (vehicles, goods) and secure premises, goods and people, from video protection to multi-site management and perimeter surveillance.
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